Powermta & Interspire Installation

Are you thinking to Do mass mailing to promote your business or products?

It needs Powerful Bulk emailing setup which can send lakhs of emails in couple of hours as per the demand. I inform you there are many open source applications like Gmail, Exim and Postfix for this purpose. But these applications has its own limitations which restricts you from getting good benefits from mass emailing.
– You cannot have a pool of ips from which you can send mails randomly
– Cannot follow the throttling limit set by various ISP’s
– No bounce processing mechanism
– Email authentication methods like DK and DKIM not flexible enough to implement
– Limitation in the number of mails that can be send
– Problems in using server resource correctly.

Don’t Worry Friends, Here’s the solution of your all queries. For more Details: go to powermta + Interspire Installation

All of the above drawbacks can be removed if you are going to use PowerMTA Service etc. This application along with Interspire can be used to create email template (HTML mail templates), auto-responders and to schedule mail campaigns. The whole setup of Powermta and Interspire will Provide you good mass mailing service or Bulk email setup.
Since there is a tight competition nowadays, as there are many providers are already in market. Our Installed Powermta will provide you service like campaign monitor through which you can come to know how many of your mails has got delivered to inbox, bounced etc.
Have a look to our offered Interspire Software:

Interspire is a very powerfull email marketing tool which is used to create & send email templates or email campaigns. It also helps us to track professional HTML emails, autoresponders, surveys, events, contacts and more.

Features Of Our Powermta + Interspire Installation Setup:
– Lakh’s of mails per hour
– Highly efficient in implementing email authentication methods like DK, DKIM etc
– IPWarmup methods helps in getting good IP reputation
– Can set throttling limits as per the rules of ISP’s
– Effective Bounce mail processing methods
– Flexible filters so that you can decide what all mails should go out and what shouldn’t
– Efficient usage of server resource
– Pool of ips can allocated to your clients so that their mails are send out randomly from these ips.

We offer technical support free for our clients. We also guide How to purchase VPS & extra Ips. For more details kindly email us at jackj2025@gmail.com